up, bud?

Look up.

That’s the big blue Canadian sky.

It’s watched over our past.

It’s the promise of the future.

you know what
else is UP?

From one bud to another, UP has your cannabis. 

We make this promise to you because buds don’t let buds down. As the industry has grown, we've listened to our consumer and we've learned, and have evolved as Canada's cannabis. 

We’re up for anything – and that means being up front, honest and true. When it comes to our products, that’s a Canadian value we stand by, with every purchase.  

So, come on by and see what we’re about. We’re working hard to make sure you are proud of what we do.  

Things are looking UP. 

drop us a line and tell us what's up with you

safe and sound

Consuming cannabis is a choice, not a right. With choice comes responsibility, and respect. Know the do’s and do not’s of cannabis. Be smart. Be safe.

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