The Canadian Cannabis Co-Op


The Up Cannabis logo on a birch-tree lined wall.

We’re proud to announce that today, along with 11 other licensed producers of medical cannabis, we became part of the Canadian Cannabis Co-op in Alberta.

Here are the co-op’s plans:

  • Invest in retail that offers safe, regulated supply and socially-responsible selling.
  • Consult on the distribution and sale of recreational cannabis. We’re happy that the province wants to talk with residents about the solution, because we believe a responsible approach will help get the retail model right.
  • Promote the idea of all provinces and territories benefitting from a private, heavily regulated retail model. It would give consumers information to choose from a variety of cannabis products, which would be sold only by educated staff.
As legalization gets closer, it’s going to be interesting to see how things play out in each province. For example, Ontario has chosen to go with stores owned and run by the government. We’ll keep you posted.