head up the
high road,

keep it up, but away from kids.

By kids, we don’t just mean toddlers and annoying little brothers.

We mean anyone not legally allowed to consume cannabis in their province.

Keep your stash safely stowed away from children and beasts (again, not the little brother).

Maybe those kids will grow up to be our bud's best bud, maybe not. But it shouldn’t be a choice until they’re ready.

hang up your

If you are high, leave your car, boat, motorcycle, e-scooter, ATV, canoe, snowmobile, float plane, stilts or bike alone. Basically, if you’re high and in charge of your means of getting around, don’t be.

Cannabis impairs decision-making and reflexes.

And keep an eye on those around you. Buds don’t let buds put themselves in danger.

don’t be that

You know the one we mean. It’s all fun and games until it isn’t.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling as you consume and make sure you’re riding the right vibe with those around you.

And before you get started, ask yourself if it’s the right time, the right place and most of all, the right people.

slow your roll

You know the saying: start low and go slow.

Get to know our products a bit at a time when you smoke. No one wants the dreaded ‘green sick’ that comes from too much, too soon.

Remember – enjoy the destination and the journey.

when in

Take your shoes off at the door. Clean up after yourself. Say thank you. Apologize frequently. And ask if it’s okay to light up.

When you’re around others or in their personal space, respect their wishes. If you’re in public, don’t light up.

You have a right to consume cannabis in Canada. And that comes with responsibilities. Respect it up.