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With our roots in Southern Ontario, we’re located in what has become a premier growing region in Canada.

The Centuries Ahead Studio™ is located in Brantford, Ontario, home of The Great One.  In this hydroponic indoor facility is where our iconic Meridian sativa is cultivated to perfection on the tunes of rock.

Elsewhere, in the heart of Niagara wine region, is Great Emerald Hall™, our state-of-the-art hybrid greenhouse. It draws on the natural sun to grow beauties like Moon, 50 and Grace.


HYBRID indica dominant / 1:2 CBD THC: 1 - 9% CBD: 3 - 13%

Moon's dense buds are thickly coated in trichomes. This strain sure stands out with it's rich forest green and purple hues. Terpenes like Cymene, Eucalyptol and Alpha Pinene give Moon it's distinct herbal and earthy aroma with undertones of pine. 


HYBRID indica dominant / THC: 10 - 18% CBD: 0 - 1%

50's large, dense buds are coated in silvery-white trichomes. Grown in Great Emerald Hall, hand-sorted, hand finished, and generally very pampered by our grow team, this strain matches it's roots well with emerald green and purple hues. Terpenes like Myrcene, Beta Pinene and Alpha Pinene give 50 an earthy wood taste and a sour lemon scent with pine undertones.


HYBRID sativa dominant / THC: 10 - 18% CBD: 0 - 1%

A sativa-dominant hybrid, this interesting strain features buds that are blanketed with white, crystal-capped trichomes along with vibrant orange hairs. It's flower is light green with flecks of burnt-orange pistols. Dominant terpenes like Nerolidol, Beta Caryophyllene (say that three times as fast as you can) give Gems it's distinct aroma, which is best described as pungent with fruity, peppery notes.


SATIVA / THC: 17 - 27% CBD: 0 - 1%

This high THC strain might not be best for cannabis beginners. It's big, fluffy, bright green buds are rich with trichomes and feature light orange to golden hairs (pistils). Hang-dried and hand finished indoors in our Centuries Ahead Studio, the unique aroma of Meridian combines bitter with sour: think parsnip meets citrus and pine. We can thank terpenes like Terpinolene, Limonene and Beta Pinene for that.


SATIVA / THC: 10 - 16.9% CBD: 0 - 1%

Eldo is our high potency sativa premium flower grown in the Centuries Ahead Indoor Studio. This is our iconic small-batch, hand-trimmed, hand-sorted masterpiece, hang-dried to provide the best looking flower buds. Eldo produces bright green buds that are thick and dense, rich with trichomes and coated in light orange hairs. The aroma is sweet and piney, with hints of citrus, lemon, and spice.


INDICA / THC: 12 - 24% CBD: 0 - 1%

Grace is our premium, uniquely dark indica flower grown in our Great Emerald Hall in the Niagara region where it is hand-finished, hand-sorted and managed throughout the entire growth cycle with the state-of-the-art Dutch Tray System.  This is our pure indica strain with a subtle earthy aroma with sweet overtones of grape and berry.